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RISE OF THE DILF: New Science Behind Why Women Prefer Older Men...

September 02, 2015 Meta


Recently, there's been a growing trend of older men dating younger women.

While most men fear that once they hit 50 years of age, their days of attracting the opposite sex are behind them, these men are living it up.

In fact, these men -- who's secret I'll reveal below -- are dating women young enough to be their granddaughters.

Some popular media outlets have even labeled this phenomenon as "The Rise Of The D.I.L.F".

D.I.L.F = Dad I'd Like To F@ck

A recent survey showed the average percentage of women dating men twenty or more years their senior increased by over 40% in 2015.


What's driving this growing attraction to older men? Is there an element of perversion?

Or is this trend driven by the idea that girls mature faster than boys?

Or are there simply hidden benefits to dating a man that is much older and more mature?

While the assumption might be that these men play a 'sugar daddy' type role in the relationship, providing their young lover with financial assistance, it turned out to be not the case.

As we delved deeper into this investigation, what we discovered was far more devious and controversial.

It turns out it's not even their age that's attracting these women. We've interviewed several women who have or are currently dating older men, and practically all of them would say things like: "It's how he talks to me", "It's the things he says", "It's how he describes things".

So we headed down to Daytona Beach Florida where a shockingly large percentage of the retired male population are dating women less that half their age.

We ventured out to a few "old man hotspots" just to see what's causing these women to date men old enough to be their granddad.


After interviewing a few of these old timers and talking to some of the young women in this now widespread trend -- we were astounded to learn the following:

First, It had nothing to do with money -- none of the guys we talked to were by any means a Bill Gates. Before retiring, each of them had jobs that earned them a modest to decent living at best.

Bob, a 60 year old retired foreman, says: "I've slept with 3 girls this week in their 20's. I think I spent a total of $75 on all 3 girls. That's really unheard of in Daytona Beach where some guys do have money."

And secondly, it had nothing to do with these women having some sort of dad fetish that made them attracted to older men... oddly enough, most of the girls we interviewed said their attraction towards these older men had more to do with the way these men spoke to them.

Mandy, a sexy 23 year old college student involved with a 65 year old retired bus driver, says: "There was just something different about the way he talks to me. I've never been so turned on by a guy before".

Cheryl, a stunning 19 year old waitress who's been dating Charles - a 62 year old that frequented her restaurant, says: "It was all very innocent. He never flirted with me once, but something about the way he engaged me when we talked made me think about him and look forward to seeing him. Eventually, I couldn't stop myself from asking him out."

After talking to nearly a dozen of these men (and their much younger girlfriends), we were able to piece together EXACTLY what these men are doing -- And it's a lot simpler than you might expect...

Step 1:

Watch the 'Innocent Words' video at the bottom of this page -- for a crash course in how the right words turn women on.

Step 2:

Pick your 'target' -- it could be a cute cashier at the store, a woman at work, a female friend who rejected you in the past, it could even be your wife of 30 years who has stopped having sex with you decades ago.

Step 3:

Drop a few of these 'Innocent Words' into conversation. Then you lay back as SHE makes the first move. According to all of the men we spoke to, the woman was always the sexual agressor, either taking her clothes off, or initiating the first kiss -- which always turned into a steamy sexual encounter quickly thereafter.



Based on the couples we talked to -- Men aged 45-69, and the women all in their twenties or thirties, it was clear that they were all very happily in love...

These young women would often gush about how perfect he is, how he makes her feel, and how she wouldn't be happier with anyone else...

It seems as though this technique -- when used properly (watch the video for the full story) acts on a much deeper level than just sexual arousal, and produces an emotion in these young women that can only be described as 'obsession'.

WARNING: This video is shocking, offensive and should NOT be viewed by women. It goes into detail about the method, and describes in detail the secret psychology behind sexual arousal.

It also talks about how a man could use this to his advantage -- and at times, it is appalling. Viewer discretion is advised.